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6 Tips to Find the Perfect Contractor
Home renovation job

Carrie Rigsby and her husband Chris tackle all sorts of home renovation projects themselves. But there are times when they seek out the professional expertise of a contractor. Hiring a contractor, however, shouldn’t be task that’s taken lightly. It’s important…

5 Interior Painting Tips
Blue paint can and roller

Let’s face it, painting is tedious, messy business but we do it anyway because it protects our walls, cabinets and furniture. Giving the interior of your home a new glossy (or matte) finish is essential to the upkeep and appeal…

A Guide to Paint Finishes
Freshly painted kitchen

Flat, eggshell, satin, gloss: When it comes to interior decor, there are a lot of confusing terms, but at least the names for paint finishes are fairly straightforward. Even the most novice painter can guess what’s what. Flat (or matte)…

5 Room Organization Ideas
Closet organizer Ikea

Is your space looking a little jumbled lately? Good news: You can get organized while keeping your home’s decor interesting. We enlisted the help of organization expert Jodie Watson from TLC’s “Real Simple, Real Life” to uncover new, fashion-forward fixes…

10 Easy Ways To Reuse Old Items
Empty wine and beer bottles

Our landfills are growing by the second — but there’s plenty that we can do to help, while also adding some extra functionality or style in our homes! Find decorating inspiration in these five unique ways to reuse items you…