9 Pro Tips for Bookshelf Styling

If there’s one piece of furniture with endless style potential, it’s bookshelves.

These spaces are often used for function only, but you can style bookshelves so they display your personality through meaningful objects and unique knick-knacks in addition to your reading collection.

“[Bookshelves] are the absolute architecture of a space no matter where they are on your wall,” says Ashlina Kaposta, a New York City–based interior designer and popular blogger on The Decorista.

Kaposta styles bookshelves on a regular basis for clients and is never at a loss for items to fill them.

“You can use anything,” says Ashlina.

Anyone can style bookshelves with Kaposta’s easy home decorating tips. Here’s how.

1. Begin With Empty Bookshelves

Move everything off your shelves and onto the floor.

Group similar objects together to better see what you have: Try organizing books by jacket color (see below), by subject matter or by the years or places they were collected.

Also gather unique objects and knick-knacks you want to display.

See what fits in your plan and what doesn’t, and play with the placement of items.

As far as the bookshelf itself goes, affordable units from discount stores will do just fine.

But if you’re looking for showcase shelving, Kaposta’s personal favorite finishes are vintage chrome and brass, which will really highlight what they house.

2. Maintain a Sense of Balance and Symmetry

When you’re deciding where items should go, vary the placement to increase visual interest: Try stacking some books horizontally while lining others up vertically.

Create balance and symmetry on your bookshelves by mirroring one placement pattern on an opposing shelf.

Kaposta also suggests grouping things in odd numbers.

3. Color Coordinate Books and Objects

Grouping items by color “instantly changes up the space,” says Kaposta.

Line up book spines in a rainbow order to turn books into an eye-catching element from a distance where titles are indecipherable.

4. Group Collections Together

If you have a collection of similar items such as colorful rocks or sea shells, keep them together in one area.

Give order to your collection by placing the pieces on a lacquered or mirrored tray.

5. Stack Boxes Full of Paperwork

Keep important documents within reach, but out of sight, by storing them inside chic boxes.

Buy boxes in multiples and look for luxe textures and graphic patterns to make a stylish impact.

6. Include Travel Keepsakes

Remind yourself of fun getaways with objects from travels, such as volcanic rocks and carved statuettes.

Mix them in with other treasures to keep it interesting.

7. Use Mirrors and Artwork Sparingly

Remember, this is a bookshelf, not a wall.

Save most, if not all, of your artwork for a wall instead of hiding it away in a bookshelf.

If you want one piece, that should be sufficient; use two small pieces at the most.

8. Make Use of Eye Level

A standout photo or detailed statuette is of no use to anyone on the top shelf of a floor-to-ceiling unit.

Arrange objects that require a more detailed appreciation within eyesight.

9. Capitalize on Storage Opportunities

Your bookshelves can serve as functional storage for more than just your books.

For example, a showpiece serving tray that’s too big to fit in kitchen cabinets can find a home among other objects.

Plus, it can be appreciated at all times from this perch, instead of just a few times a year when you’re entertaining.

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