4 Ways to Decorate with Houseplants

Whether or not you have a green thumb or an affinity for indoor herb gardens, there’s no question that houseplants add a decorative interest to any interior, as long as they’re kept alive, of course!
From color, shape, texture and general eye-catching appeal, the options of plants and planters are seemingly endless.

How should you add houseplants to your interior decor?

Follow these tips and considerations from Julia Mack, an interior designer based in Brooklyn, New York.

1. Keep Proportion in Mind

Knowing the proportion and potential growth of a houseplant before you purchase it will help determine the quantity of plants that your space will require.

For instance, a small, sunny den may need only one tree and one tabletop plant to improve the space.

But a large, sky-lit family room with a glass door leading to a deck or patio could likely handle two or three groupings of floor plants at a variety of heights.

Ask your local home or garden store how large each plant will eventually grow to help you plan the amount of space that will be needed, as well as the number and size of accompanying plants.

2. Add Plants to the Kitchen

When adding houseplants to your interior decor, many people start with the living room.

But kitchens also benefit from a little greenery, particularly indoor herb gardens.

A small indoor herb garden placed on a sunny windowsill or hung on a sunlit wall will provide instant gratification and your meals will reap the benefits too.

Easy-to-grow rosemary, basil, thyme and parsley will flourish throughout cold months and will transition easily to the outdoors in summer.

3. Consider Your Lifestyle

Selecting houseplants that fit your lifestyle is also important.

Some varieties require regular watering and maintenance, so you’ll want to keep your travel schedule in mind when making your selections.

If plant maintenance is low on your to-do list, consider cacti or succulents, which require a minimum amount of work to stay both healthy and strong.

4. Planters = Accessories

Treat planters as an additional accessory in any room and choose styles that complement your existing interior decor.

For a room with wood floors and earthy colors, try a bamboo basket or teak planter.

A room with antique or period-style furnishings would be enhanced by copper, pewter or antique brass planters.

And a modern space would surely pop with sparkling white porcelain or ceramic containers and modern stainless steel planters.

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