Homemade bathroom and kitchen cleaners

9 Eco Homemade Cleaners

Looking to create a more eco-friendly home? One of the best ways to go green and save money at the same time is to make your own household cleaning products. With just a handful of ingredients, many of them probably already in your pantry, you can whip up all the cleaners you need to keep …

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Aloe plant in blue pot on window ledge

5 Easy Houseplants to Grow

Why struggle with houseplants that drop leaves, need constant care or look sickly? To keep your green home decor looking beautiful, choose houseplants that will thrive in the low-light and low-humidity conditions in most homes. Houseplants not only add a living element to your decor, but they also help clean the air by drawing in …

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Reusable bag with apples inside it

20 Ways To Reuse Plastic Bags

Even with the world going green, plastic bags seem to be everywhere. Americans use approximately 1 billion shopping bags a year, but they recycle less than 1 percent of that amount, sending 300,000 tons into landfills, according to the Clean Air Council. Those bags that are dumped into landfills don’t biodegrade. Instead, sunlight breaks them …

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