Playing poker in man cave

10 Things Every Man Cave Needs

Any true man cave should be suitable for a king. But what are the essential elements of the most tricked-out guy space? Betsy Helmuth, a New York City-based interior designer and owner of Affordable Interior Design, shares her pro tips and finds. 1. Comfortable Seating Hunt for a sectional that’s 38- to 42-inches deep (the …

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Candle burning in candlestick

DIY: Candlestick Platters

When you’re entertaining, why opt for basic store-bought serving pieces when you can stand out with a dose of originality? Serve appetizers or desserts on a “made-it-myself” pairing of vintage plates and candlesticks. Scour vintage markets or thrift stores to find stylish dessert or salad size plates and candle holders (pillar or taper work), or …

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Beautiful hanging lights

Lighting 101

We’ve compiled a straight forward glossary of the most common lighting terms if you’re just getting into the space. Amperes (Amps) A measure of electrical current. In incandescent lamps, the current is related to voltage and power as follows: Current (Amps) = Power (Watts) / Voltage (Volts). American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A consensus-based organization …

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