House with green grass lawn

How To Get Green Grass

Patches of grass die or thin out for a variety of reasons, but all is not lost. With a little work, some grass seed and water, your lawn will be looking lovely in no time! Skill level:  Intermediate Tools & Materials: Rake Power rake (optional) Core aerator (optional) Grass seed Spreader Sprinkler Before you get started …

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Beautiful purple allium perennial

Perennial Buying Guide

Perennials are living plants that continue to bloom and thrive year after year. Because they do not require replanting annually, they save you time, effort and money. Typically, perennials have a shorter blooming season, ranging from two to three weeks depending on the type. By carefully planning your garden, you can arrange for your perennial …

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Fall Flowers for 3 Beautiful Looks

Autumn brings spectacular colors to your landscape, whether it’s from the trees turning color, plants blooming in familiar fall colors of yellow and red, ornamental grasses that finish out the season with their feathery tassel-like blooms, or containers planted with frost-tolerant blooms that last well into the end of the year. You can make the …

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