Decorating How-To: Layering Rugs

Layered rugs are a growing trend in the world of interior design; just browse Pinterest for a few minutes or open your most recent decor magazine and you’ll quickly spot the craze.

This trend creates a collected, textural feel for a room that satisfies and surprises.

But trying to achieve such a look makes for tricky work.

How do you confidently shop for the mismatched, yet coordinated, colors and furniture pieces required for this perfectly collected and curated design style?

One easy way to create that eclectic vibe is by topping a more neutral, natural-fiber rug with a pretty patterned option, which can put your living room on the fast track to that had-it-forever-but-works-perfectly combination.

It’s a fairly easy trend to get on board, so long as you follow some simple tips!

For beginners, start with a natural fiber such as jute, sisal or seagrass rug.

These make great rugs for busy spaces because they typically stand up well to high traffic.

They’re also basic, casual and inexpensive enough to support a more fun, patterned rug on top.

For the top layer, feel free to go much smaller and in a different shape.

Even consider some color for a playful pop of personality.

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