5 Ideas for more Mudroom Storage

Mudrooms serve a specific purpose in our homes: to keep the rest of the house clean.

A place to kick off our muddy shoes and hang our soaked raincoats, the mudroom is often neglected when it comes to style and function beyond the basic coat hooks and shoe trays.

But entryways aren’t just for use during undesirable weather.

They also can be a functional place for backyard necessities such as towels and toys, athletic equipment and general necessities you need to access as you run out the door.

A family’s launching pad, the mudroom is often the hardest working room in the house.

Help it work even harder with these efficient storage and organization ideas.

1. Baskets

If you have open shelving, baskets are an easy way to hide clutter and everyday items in style.

But be consistent: Matching baskets will create a more cohesive and clean look, making the baskets appear as if they’re an intentional part of the architecture.

For a more modern look, opt for fabric or metal boxes.

2. Hooks

Every mudroom, big or small, should have wall hooks.

They’re not only a handy spot to toss your hats, coats and scarves, but they’re the best way to dry out items after a rainstorm.

Make the most use of the room by mounting hooks in every available space and if you stagger two rows, you’ll have double the hanging room.

If space is limited, opt for styles with two hooks per unit; hang coats on the bottom hook and small items on top.

3. Cabinets

Wall-mounted cabinets and shelves typically used as part of a closet system are an easy way to create a makeshift mudroom

Determine your storage needs: open shelving is best for grab-and-go items, while cabinetry with doors helps you hide clutter and more unsightly items.

If you have the space, create a nook designated for each family member so everything stays perfectly organized for each person’s needs.

4. Floor Storage

The best mudrooms make use of every inch of space, so don’t forget to consider floor-level storage options.

Create a nook or, better yet, install handy drawers that will hide away shoes but pull out with ease.

5. Benches

An affordable bench with built-in storage offers a handy place to sit down and take off those muddy boots and its hidden compartment is a great place to tuck away sports equipment, reusable grocery bags, seasonal shoes and other items you want to keep on hand.

An entry bench with open-front storage cubes would be just as functional, and handy as well.

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