5 Room Organization Ideas

Is your space looking a little jumbled lately?

Good news: You can get organized while keeping your home’s decor interesting.

We enlisted the help of organization expert Jodie Watson from TLC’s “Real Simple, Real Life” to uncover new, fashion-forward fixes for the most common kinds of at-home clutter.

1. Closets

Start with the one place you look every day that’s probably more disorganized than you realize: Your closet.

You know how clothes always look way more chic on the store rack than when they’re hung up at home?

That’s because the best shops perfect their presentation to make whatever they’re selling look most appealing.

Turn your closet into a “shopable” space by investing in nice wooden hangers (a staple at chic boutiques), and re-hang everything so that all like-items are together.

Keep skirts with skirts, casual tops with casual tops, and so on.

Your wardrobe will look and feel more put-together, helping eliminate those morning I seriously have nothing to wear moments.

2. Seasonal Storage

As much as you love your summer wardrobe, it has no business occupying prime real estate in your closet or dresser during the colder months.

Free up space by snagging some wicker baskets or other decorative boxes from a craft store, the pack them full of your clothes, shoes and accessories that are out of season

Draw up some cute labels to mark the outside of each box, then stow them on the top shelf of your closet so they’re in sight but out of the way.

3. Bathroom

Go DIY to organize grooming and beauty items, such as makeup.

Clean out four or five tin cans in different sizes, stripping off any outside labels.

Pick out a shelf paper in a pattern you like (Watson recommends ChicShelfPaper.com) and glue that paper to the outside of the can so no tin is showing.

Line the cans along your bathroom counter and fill them with brushes, makeup and more to add flair and order to your bathroom.


4. Accessories

It’s tempting to tuck extras like belts and scarves into a drawer, but that’s begging to become a jumbled mess.

For a better solution, invest in self-adhesive wall hooks and affix them to areas that aren’t being used for anything else, like the dead space between your dresser and the adjacent wall or on the back of a closet door.

Hang scarves, belts, purses and more on each hook.

Not only will you make them easier to access, but you’ll also liven up your room with the display.

5. Jewelry

When you lose an earring or tangle a necklace, it can be ruined like that.

For a practical-yet-pretty fix, buy a jewelry organizer with small drawers, which will keep you from having to thread your earrings through mesh or hang your necklaces on a hook every time.

The drawers provide both easy access and storage, and will make your collection look and feel more consolidated, plus the organizer doubles as a chic decoration for your dresser top.

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