15 Ideas To Make Use of Leftover Paint

An easy project idea is using a bulk of leftover paint to spruce up your home with some color?

These five easy paint project ideas (plus some bonus inspiration) will give your leftover paint some purpose and give a room a fresh look to boot.

(One gallon = 4 quarts or 8 pints.)

1. Use a full gallon of leftover paint to:

  • Create an interesting wainscoting effect by painting the lower half of the wall around a room with a contrasting or complementary hue.

    Use painter’s tape to make a clean line, or use a rag or dry brush to blur the edges between the two colors for a funkier, more artistic finish.

  • Paint an accent wall to act as a focal point for a room or define a space.
  • Brighten a narrow or dark hallway with a vivid hue.

2. Use a couple of quarts of paint to:

  • Rehab old wooden or metal furniture.

    Keep an eye out for wood rockers, kitchen chairs, vintage bureaus, washstands or small tables at flea markets and yard sales.\

    With a fresh coat of paint, these pieces can be a simple way to add personality to a room.

  • Paint a 4-inch-wide chair rail around a room to create an accent. (The rule of thumb is to paint it about one-third of the way up from the floor.)
  • Paint a faux headboard for your bed. Keep it simple with a rectangular shape, or add drama with an elegant arched top.

3. Use a quart of paint to:

  • Paint the inside of a cabinet, armoire, closet or even drawers for an unexpected pop of color when the doors are opened. Bonus: Using a light color makes it easier to see into the back corners.
  • Paint the inside of a metal medicine cabinet with a bright, cheery hue.
  • Paint just the drawer facades of a bureau for an unexpected pop.
  • Paint the edges of a bookcase to add definition and make a bold, visual pattern.
  • Create a simple stencil to make a frame around an inset shelf or niche.
  • Freshen up the frame of an old mirror.
  • Coat the inside of clear glass bottles, vases or jars with paint to make glossy, colorful decorative accessories.

4. Use a pint or two of paint to:

With painter’s tape and a ruler, create a graphic mural of squares, rectangles or triangles.

Also try painting square wood panels to add a pop art element to any room.

5. Use remnants of leftover paint to:

Unleash your inner artist.

Use the remnants of a can of paint to make a few bold strokes on craft paper or poster board.

Or try your hand at spin art using a spin art machine.

Sign and frame!

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