Winter Style: Holiday on Display

Get the most out of your holiday decorations by mixing up the ways in which you display them.

These easy ideas and tips will give your home an extra dose of cheer this year.

Find a New Home for Your Wreath
Just like wreaths can be made from a variety of materials, from ball ornaments to wood shims, they can also be placed in just about any area of your home. From the hallways to the kitchen, the right wreath makes for a festive helping of holiday fun.

To hang wreaths, use wide, fancy ribbon. For particularly heavy wreaths, first string hanging wire onto your wreath for reinforcement. Follow it with ribbon to hide the wire. You’ll get the best of both worlds: sturdy and decorative.

Creative Displays
Christmas ornaments aren’t just for the tree. Fill a decorative bowl with colorful balls to make a pretty centerpiece. Keep the container’s color neutral so that the ornaments truly shine.

Make the Most of Your Space
If you have limited space, or would like to carry the Christmas spirit throughout your home, consider smaller pieces. They pull more than their decorative weight with vibrant colors, plus they’re easy to move around and blend well into any holiday scene.

You can also extend your holiday decor by placing figurines and other treasures creatively throughout your home. Mantels and entryways — and even unexpected places like powder rooms — benefit from the festive touch.

Create a Colorful Scene
Mix it up! Traditional single-hue ornaments get extra attention when they’re paired with others that use stripes or unusual shapes. Paint faux branches and berries in complementary colors for an easy way to bring them all together.

Bring the Outside In
Bring a little of the outdoors into your holiday decor. Dip pinecones in metallic paint and thread them with gold string for a sophisticated hanging ornament. You can add a touch of the metallic paint to faux flowers and birds, too, and perch them on the tree.

Consider the Details
Pay attention to the details for maximum decorating impact. Applying glitter spray paint to just about any object will give it a textured, festive shimmer. Ribbons tied to garlands add another layer of color.

Also take pieces from your holiday theme and put them in unexpected places. Save a few pinecones and hot glue them to a centerpiece at the top of a lamp. Or make ornaments out of them and hang from doorknobs.

Safe-Keep Your Decorations
To ensure your ornaments last for years to come, wrap them in acid-free tissue papper. In a crunch, old dish towels work well, too. For further protection and organization, make a grid out of cardboard to place them inside storage boxes.

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